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Manage Technologies

Step 4:


Coordinate and manage effectively

Protect personnel, inform incident response, optimize records and evidence

Protect personnel
Body cameras can capture and share live video evidence and location, sharing first-hand perspective, offering an objective record of truth, deterring aggression, and providing rich insights that can improve operational procedures, efficiency and safety for all.

Inform incident response
Video security can provide eyes-on-scene and interoperable communications can share incident data and enable voice connectivity, helping to ensure responders and command/operations centers are informed and maintain situational awareness enroute, during and after an incident.

Optimize records and evidence
In-field reporting applications can collect and upload data such as images, audio and video files into a centralized record and evidence management system, enabling the ability to automatically tag, securely store and digitally share documents, reports and multimedia, to save time and double-handling while enhancing evidence completeness and accuracy.



A first-hand perspective when it matters most. From security guards to police officers, Motorola Solutions portfolio of body cameras can be relied upon to capture evidence-grade video of any situation.

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Incident Management
& Records

Ally™ is an intuitive incident management platform designed to capture and manage information in real time. This solution operates across multiple devices and provides users with the ability to analyze incident trends using easy, built-in reports, and act on improved insights for more security planning.

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CommandCentral Aware Enterprise is one of the command center software applications within this platform designed to streamline critical and non-critical security and service operations to improve decision-making and accelerate response.

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