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Services for the Entire Ecosystem

Effectively managing a complex ecosystem can be complicated. You need the right service, support, and management to ensure your day-to-day needs are taken care of — ensuring smooth operations. Our unique service offerings provide technical support, hardware repair and replacement, and software updates to ensure your cameras, communication devices, infrastructure, and software are always working at peak performance.

Our Service Advantages

Our services ensure your technology is always on and ready.

Equipment Repair
We are an authorized Motorola Solutions Service Specialist. Our experienced, Certified Electronic Technicians (CETs) are Motorola-trained, service professionals committed to keeping your system and devices performing at peak efficiency. We utilize the latest digital test equipment and original Motorola parts to ensure you get the most out of your communication investment offering both Ala Carte and Maintenance Agreement services.

Repair and Configuration
Our Repair Team maintains a centralized location and tight process controls to ensure a fast turnaround for equipment repair and configuration needs. Cosmetic repairs, component repairs, radio programming and configuration are all performed accurately, and efficiently with optional Motorola Depot flat rate, and bulk radio service contracts available. Portables, Mobiles, Repeaters, we service them all.

Installation and Integration
Our Service Team has experience in performing every type of wireless installation, from mobile dash mount radios and single site repeaters to complex RF and IP multi-site system integrations running a plethora of digital voice, video, and data solutions. All systems are installed to R56 Standards for grounding and surge protection limiting financial exposure and downtime caused by lightning and other electrical phenomena. Our Team has successfully delivered site wide, city wide, county wide, and nationwide communication solutions for customers in the Hospitality, Aerospace, Government, Manufacturing, Transportation/Logistics, and Healthcare industries, among others. Whatever your installation or integration need, we has it covered.

Maintenance Agreements
An investment in communication equipment is an investment in your business. Maintenance Agreements provide you with prioritized, unlimited, 24x7 on-site technical support. Protect your operations all day, every day, for a flat monthly, quarterly, or annual fee and by-pass schedule lead times and "next available dates" associated with random service calls.